Program Evaluation and Research

Pedroso Consulting provides a variety of services including program evaluation and research. Services we provide include but are not limited to:
• Focus groups and interviews using structured and semi-structured protocols
• Development and administration of electronic or paper surveys to a variety of respondents
• Development of assessments that measure knowledge gain and attitudinal shifts
• Analysis of large and small sets of quantitative and qualitative data
• Development and implementation of external program evaluations

Further, we specialize in participatory evaluation, which helps clients understand the variables and complex relationships underpinning their work. We work with clients and stakeholders as active partners who engage with us in developing the evaluations and all or most phases of its implementation.

Research conducted cover a range of topics including persistence and attainment of traditionally underrepresented students, career-technical education (CTE), and teacher professional development. For a list of research publications please view linked page.

Rosio Pedroso has contributed to our project by providing evaluation that is deep, meaningful, and leads to just-in-time improvements. She is embedded in the project team, which allows her to contribute regularly to program design decisions. Because she is both inside (embedded) in the team and external to our institution, she is able to engage stakeholders and capture honest and detailed information about what our program offers. Our participants trust her, and she functions as the main liaison with our advisory group. Rosio receives these data and translates them into an evaluation that is truthful, challenging, and valuable. Because we know she is invested in seeing the project succeed, but is external to the day-to-day concerns, she has been the ideal critical friend who provides honest feedback that is sometimes challenging but always improving.

ARDICE HARTRY, PHDInterim Director, the Research Group

Training Development and Delivery

Pedroso Consulting also has experience developing and implementing trainings that are culturally sensitive and highly customized. The development process includes:
• Identifying and engaging stakeholders
• Conducting focus group
• Ensuring cultural relevance through stakeholder and community input
• Piloting and revising materials
• Developing training curriculum
• Identifying and assessing outcomes

We believe that programs developed for adults require we honor their experiences and that they are collaborators in their learning experiences. With that in mind, trainings and programs developed often include interactive, peer to peer and energetic activities.

As a result of her dedication, attention to detail, ability to build partnerships and dedication to a rigorous evaluation, the program has far exceeded expected outcomes and created a new way to engage Spanish speaking communities in our state about a topic often not talked about: suicide.

JANA SCZERSPUTOWSKIPresident, Your Social Marketer, Inc.